Picnic basket

To make your stay with us even more enjoyable, to give you more rest, and to take away nice memories, we have prepared a picnic basket for you. The picnic basket is used to carry food for outdoor dining, i.e. for arranging a specific type of dining, a picnic, on a family outing or at a meeting.


Dear guests,

Come visit us in the Poodří region, a still-quiet and not very industrialised area. We invite you to a region where the beautiful Odra originates in the Libavá military area. Along the Odra, the Oderské vrchy mountains stretch, offering a view of the mountains Praděd in the Jeseníky range and Lysá hora in the Beskydy range, and of a region that is still marked by the departure of the original German population. Come to us in Loučky u Oder to a five-hundred-year-old mill, which has been owned by the Wesselsky family for three centuries.

We have been restoring the mill and the estate under the supervision of heritage experts since 1998.

We have prepared apartments for you in the millhouse and the adjacent buildings. You will like them for their authenticity and uniqueness.

To allow you to enjoyour hospitality, rest more and take away good memories, we have prepared a picnic basket for you. A picnic basket is used to bring food for outdoor dining during a family outing or at a meeting.

We have a basket at your disposal that is hand-woven from wicker and is of high quality. The basket has a storage space with ceramic plates, glasses, stainless steel cutlery, a corkscrew, and salt and pepper shakers. We can supplement the service with other needs upon request.

The interior of the basket is large enough to store food for snacks. You can buy the food yourself or we will buy it for you according to your requirements. We can also supplement it from our own resources.

A picnic blanket is also included with the basket. The blanket has a waterproof underside, while the top is made of a pleasant material. The blanket can be folded into a small package with a strap that allows for easy carrying.

In the entire area of the water mill, the nature is like on the canvases of famous landscape painters and directly invites you to arrange a picnic at any point of the six-hectare area. If you have a look at the photographs, you can be the judge.

We and nature are looking forward to you!